• TEncoder Video Converter - New version 4.5.10

    This new version is mostly intentended to fix some of the problems users reported but I couldn't reproduce. Most of the fixes are actually workarounds or I straightly suppressed error messages.

    Most of the bug reports I recieved since 4.5.8 include references to TsListView. I cannot stop using it and since I don't have the sources to investigate further (I don't think I can find and fix the problem anyway) all I could do was ignoring error messages that may be related to this component.

    I actually don't want to release new versions this often but I forgot to change version text on about form and downloads on sf.net fosshub were problematic.

    Full change log:

    • Workaround: [Video Converter & DVD Ripper] For errors that may occur while updating progress info
    • Workaround: [General] For errors that may occur while clearing temp folder
    • Fixed: [Video Downloader] An error that may occur while removing items from the list
    • Other small fixes

    Please use fosshub page to get the latest version.