• New version 2.0.2 is out

    2.0.2 focuses on fixing some problems related to auto youtube-dl updater. Sometimes anti-virus software may prevent TVideoDownloader to execute youtube-dl to chech its version. And this in turn chrashes TVideoDownloader. Hopefully this release will fix this issue. There are some internal library updates which are not listed in change log.
  • TVideoDownloader - New Version 1.9.0

    I've released a new version of TVideoDownloader, 1.9.0. This version includes a few new features and one bug fix.

    Full change log:

    • Added: An option to automatically check for the latest youtube-dl version
    • Added: Link drag&drop to both main window and batch link add windows
    • Fixed: Remove and Preview buttons did not function properly
    • Updated: FFMpeg and youtube-dl

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  • TVideoDownloader - New Version 1.8.0

    TVideoDownloader 1.8 is out. This release inculdes big changes, updates to backends and smaller but useful improvements.

    Youtube-dl updater recieved a few fixes and some small improvments. I plan to make it more robust in the future. After that, the code will be integrated to TEncoder as well.

    Backends as usual recieved updates. Mp4Box was not updated in a while so the new update is a welcome addition. FFmpeg, mediainfo and youtube-dl are updated to the latest versions.

    Skin is completely removed. This may seem as a backwards step. TVideoDownloader now looks less fancy but startsup faster, uses less memory and runs a little faster.

    While I was using TVideoDownloader, there were several cases where youtube-dl got stuck while adding a link. So, I've added an option to specify a timeout for link adding process.

    Full change log:

    • Added: An option to specify a timeout for adding a link
    • Added: A few interface changes
    • Added: youtube-dl updater will start updating process as soon as dialog is opened 
    • Fixed: youtube-dl updater was writing downloaded file to exe instead of tmp 
    • Fixed: youtube-dl updater could not delete tmp file in some cases 
    • Fixed: youtube-dl updater could not rename tmp file to exe in some case 
    • Removed: Skin
    • Updated: youtube-dl, mediainfo, ffmpeg, mp4box


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  • TVideoDownloader - New Version 1.7.0

    TVideoDownloader 1.7.0 is out. This release fixes the problem of not being able to update youtube-dl in some cases.

    Full change log:

    • -Fixed: Couldn't update youtube-dl (error 403)
    • -Fixed: Progress was not updated
    • -Updated: youtube-dl and mediainfo
    • -Updated: Internal components

    Please use sourceforge.net to download TVideoDownloader.