• OooPlayer 2.2 is out

    The new version of OooPlayer 2.2 is out. It has been a while since the last update so there are some major changes, improvements and fixes.

    Full change log:

    • Added: [General] New UI layout
    • Added: [Music Player] 18 band equalizer with several presets
    • Added: [Music Player] Detailed file info program
    • Added: [Music Player] Playlist now has columns for title, album, artist and bitrate, channel, codec and samplerate
    • Added: [Music Player] Pressing previous button in shuffle mode will return to previous random song instead playing the next random song
    • Added: [Music Player] Added an option to enable/disable loading of already downloaded lyrics
    • Added: [UI] Shuffle list
    • Improved: [Music Player] Seperated options of loading and downloading lyric
    • Improved: [Radio Player] Usability by making radio playlist and playlist selection like music player
    • Fixed: [Music Player] Lyric list's width was not adjusted according to the content
    • Fixed: [Music Player] Queue list rightclick menu options were not working
    • Fixed: [General] Improved search function results
    • Fixed: [General] Clicking on a taskbar button would make buttons disappear
    • Fixed: [Radio Player] Metatag related bugs
    • Updated: Bassmix to 2.4.8
    • Updated: BassOpus to
    • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.79
    • Updated: Tag libraries
    • Updated: Last.fm scrobbler library
    • Removed: Skin component
  • OooPlayer 2.2.0 Beta 1

    I've just released a beta for the next versioın 2.2.0. It has been a year since the last stable release. Many things have changed. Please visit this link to get the beta release and see the change log. The package includes both installed and portable versions.