• OooPlayer 2.2.0 Beta 1

    I've just released a beta for the next versioın 2.2.0. It has been a year since the last stable release. Many things have changed. Please visit this link to get the beta release and see the change log. The package includes both installed and portable versions.

  • TVideoDownloader - New Version 1.8.0

    TVideoDownloader 1.8 is out. This release inculdes big changes, updates to backends and smaller but useful improvements.

    Youtube-dl updater recieved a few fixes and some small improvments. I plan to make it more robust in the future. After that, the code will be integrated to TEncoder as well.

    Backends as usual recieved updates. Mp4Box was not updated in a while so the new update is a welcome addition. FFmpeg, mediainfo and youtube-dl are updated to the latest versions.

    Skin is completely removed. This may seem as a backwards step. TVideoDownloader now looks less fancy but startsup faster, uses less memory and runs a little faster.

    While I was using TVideoDownloader, there were several cases where youtube-dl got stuck while adding a link. So, I've added an option to specify a timeout for link adding process.

    Full change log:

    • Added: An option to specify a timeout for adding a link
    • Added: A few interface changes
    • Added: youtube-dl updater will start updating process as soon as dialog is opened 
    • Fixed: youtube-dl updater was writing downloaded file to exe instead of tmp 
    • Fixed: youtube-dl updater could not delete tmp file in some cases 
    • Fixed: youtube-dl updater could not rename tmp file to exe in some case 
    • Removed: Skin
    • Updated: youtube-dl, mediainfo, ffmpeg, mp4box


    Please visit sourceforge to get the latest version. Also, please consider making a donation using Paypal if you find TVideoDownloader useful.

  • TFileInfo - First release 1.0

    First release of TFileInfo is out.


    • Display detailed informaiton about video, audio, subtitles, images etc.
    • Right click integration
    • Very fast and easy to use

    Please see download page to get the setup.

  • OneWay Backup RC2 is released

    This release mostly focuses on email reports and interface improvements. I hope to release a stable version after this but development is not going as fast as I would prefer.


    • Added: Three email report types: Compressed CSV attachment, HTML table email body, Compressed HTML attachment
    • Added: New toolbar
    • Added: Menu
    • Added: Error, Succes, Skipped and Deleted item counts in emails
    • Added: Email over ssl connection (tested with yandex mail only)
    • Added: Command lines to set email report type
    • Added: Many code improvements and refactorings
    • Fixed: Being unable to delete destination file was not reported in some cases
    • Fixed: Couldn't send report mail when backup was run a second time because program wouldn't disconnect from server
    • Removed: All skin related dependencies (makes exe smaller)

    Please see github releases page to download the latest version.

    Screen shot from this release: