• New version 2.0.2 is out

    2.0.2 focuses on fixing some problems related to auto youtube-dl updater. Sometimes anti-virus software may prevent TVideoDownloader to execute youtube-dl to chech its version. And this in turn chrashes TVideoDownloader. Hopefully this release will fix this issue. There are some internal library updates which are not listed in change log.
  • InstagramSaver new version 1.7.0

    I've released a new InstagramSaver version, 1.7.0. In this version, parts that do the actual downloading are written with .net and c#. So this version requires .net. Also, most of the downloading process is multithreaded. Skins are removed, making exe smaller. Full changes:

    • Added: Media link extraction process is multithreaded as well
    • Added: Re-written all download logic
    • Improved: Smaller exe size
    • Removed: Skins

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  • TVideoDownloader - New Version 1.9.0

    I've released a new version of TVideoDownloader, 1.9.0. This version includes a few new features and one bug fix.

    Full change log:

    • Added: An option to automatically check for the latest youtube-dl version
    • Added: Link drag&drop to both main window and batch link add windows
    • Fixed: Remove and Preview buttons did not function properly
    • Updated: FFMpeg and youtube-dl

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  • Re-writing InstagramSaver using C#

    I've decided to re-write InstagramSaver using C#. 

    Recently I got emails saying that the program was not performing as it used to, so I decided to investigate why. Looking into the Delphi code I realized that I could write the code from zero using C#, .net and HtmlAgilityPack much more efficiently. Also said library makes it immensely easy to parse Html pages.

    I hope this will solve all the problems that surfaced lately.

  • OooPlayer 2.2.0 Beta 1

    I've just released a beta for the next versioın 2.2.0. It has been a year since the last stable release. Many things have changed. Please visit this link to get the beta release and see the change log. The package includes both installed and portable versions.