• OooPlayer 2.2 is out

    The new version of OooPlayer 2.2 is out. It has been a while since the last update so there are some major changes, improvements and fixes.

    Full change log:

    • Added: [General] New UI layout
    • Added: [Music Player] 18 band equalizer with several presets
    • Added: [Music Player] Detailed file info program
    • Added: [Music Player] Playlist now has columns for title, album, artist and bitrate, channel, codec and samplerate
    • Added: [Music Player] Pressing previous button in shuffle mode will return to previous random song instead playing the next random song
    • Added: [Music Player] Added an option to enable/disable loading of already downloaded lyrics
    • Added: [UI] Shuffle list
    • Improved: [Music Player] Seperated options of loading and downloading lyric
    • Improved: [Radio Player] Usability by making radio playlist and playlist selection like music player
    • Fixed: [Music Player] Lyric list's width was not adjusted according to the content
    • Fixed: [Music Player] Queue list rightclick menu options were not working
    • Fixed: [General] Improved search function results
    • Fixed: [General] Clicking on a taskbar button would make buttons disappear
    • Fixed: [Radio Player] Metatag related bugs
    • Updated: Bassmix to 2.4.8
    • Updated: BassOpus to
    • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.79
    • Updated: Tag libraries
    • Updated: Last.fm scrobbler library
    • Removed: Skin component
  • New version 2.0.2 is out

    2.0.2 focuses on fixing some problems related to auto youtube-dl updater. Sometimes anti-virus software may prevent TVideoDownloader to execute youtube-dl to chech its version. And this in turn chrashes TVideoDownloader. Hopefully this release will fix this issue. There are some internal library updates which are not listed in change log.
  • InstagramSaver new version 1.7.0

    I've released a new InstagramSaver version, 1.7.0. In this version, parts that do the actual downloading are written with .net and c#. So this version requires .net. Also, most of the downloading process is multithreaded. Skins are removed, making exe smaller. Full changes:

    • Added: Media link extraction process is multithreaded as well
    • Added: Re-written all download logic
    • Improved: Smaller exe size
    • Removed: Skins

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  • TVideoDownloader - New Version 1.9.0

    I've released a new version of TVideoDownloader, 1.9.0. This version includes a few new features and one bug fix.

    Full change log:

    • Added: An option to automatically check for the latest youtube-dl version
    • Added: Link drag&drop to both main window and batch link add windows
    • Fixed: Remove and Preview buttons did not function properly
    • Updated: FFMpeg and youtube-dl

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  • Re-writing InstagramSaver using C#

    I've decided to re-write InstagramSaver using C#. 

    Recently I got emails saying that the program was not performing as it used to, so I decided to investigate why. Looking into the Delphi code I realized that I could write the code from zero using C#, .net and HtmlAgilityPack much more efficiently. Also said library makes it immensely easy to parse Html pages.

    I hope this will solve all the problems that surfaced lately.